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I was unaware of the Lebanese. I have worked in Macae and met a guy of Japanese heritage. Parents from Japan, he speaks their native language fluently, as well as Portuguese and English. Just one of a hundred really interesting people I’ve met in Brazil. Far and away my most favorite place in S America.

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I’ve met a friend recently and he previously told me something really unusual, this is actually the full story open message

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Duped unusuals are often bought and sold for less due to well being duped. Although there are no real effects other than the history saying the hat is duped, people (mainly people who buy lots of hats) say that duped unusuals will be bought for less- its also an excuse to buy higher level hats (such as the Milkman) for cheaper because many of these hats were duped.

Honestly, duped unuusals do often go for less whether people like it or not. Its usually anywhere from 20- but don’t expect many people to take 50

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I don’t know about that. You gotta figure that our attitude toward resource depletion would have had to develope fairly recently with mass production. I have a hard time imagining pioneers or the general public during the Great Depression carrying the attitude that you can be careless with resources and everything will work out fine… And Christianity was probably a lot more popular at that time. I guess what I’m saying is that our intellectual knowing isn’t as meaningful as whatever mindfulness we develope in terms of our everyday reality. And if the attitudes of creationists and skeptics are practically indistinguishable, and some people object to wastefulness on moral principal and scriptural rebukes, while others back it up with the technical description of what actually happens through such environmentally unfriendly practices as the justification for resisting the social trend towards it, what are we supposed to make of that? Is our subconscious more important than our conscious in determining behavior? Are our beliefs more nuanced and subtle than the views that we articulate to others? If this is the case, how do we discern the intended meanings of religion, how religion is interpreted, and how beliefs are manifested?

I’m not sure an attack on religion as promoting certain practices is really well founded. Just like you can’t really attack an atheists character based on how they express their views in terms of true/false, given that they may very well carry the same sense of the divine that religion refers to. I’m not saying that the distinctions aren’t meaningful, but a lot of the time I think there is more to it than that.

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